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Graubner Industrie Beratung GmbH, founded in 1995, is an innovative company that develops and provides industry services and solutions.

We are your service provider when it comes to advice and support in the areas of occupational safety, health and safety, environmental protection and CE marking.

Large and small companies have trusted our high-quality and responsible work and expertise for more than 20 years.


Our Services

Occupational safety services

Take advantage of our many years of experience of safety consulting and support in the field of occupational safety and health.

We have experience in the following industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper machine construction
  • Paper Industry

What means the CE marking?

CE marking is mandatory in order to import products into the European market. For machines, construction or medical products, among others, there are European directives and standards that a product has to comply with. The manufacturer must demonstrate that it is safe and confirm this by completing a compliance or installation declaration and by affixing a nameplate with the CE identification to the product.

Who is required to affix a CE marking?

Whoever imports a product manufactured abroad into the Europe Union becomes a distributor and thus takes over the manufacturer’s responsibility and is obliged to go through the entire conformity assessment procedure: to identify and assess the risks the product entails; to check that it has been correctly manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards and that the operating instructions are available in the local language. Finally, the declaration of conformity is completed and the nameplate with the CE marking is affixed to the product.

What happens if there is no CE marking?

In Germany, imported goods from third countries are checked by customs offices for the presence of the CE mark. If this marking is missing in breach of duty, the products are intercepted and must be returned or destroyed.

With a professionally executed CE marking, you can import the product into Europe and be sure that it will pass through customs in conformity with the law.

What Graubner offers

Graubner Industrie-Beratung GmbH will check for you which EU directives, regulations and standards are relevant for products you wish to import into Europe.

We select the appropriate module for the conformity assessment procedure and carry out the risk assessment for you in accordance with current legal requirements.

In addition, we prepare the operating instructions for you and research the necessary documentation for the purchased parts. Finally, we prepare the declaration of conformity or declaration of incorporation and the nameplate with the CE marking.

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