The Graubner company history

Sebastian Graubner was very innovative as a child and adolescent and an entrepreneur. Together with a friend, he opened a mobile bicycle repair service and promoted it in the regional press. With the tool in the saddlebags they drove to their customers to repair the bikes. 

At the age of 17, his career aspiration was to build sailboats. So he worked after graduation in 1986, first to the sea as a dishwasher and then went to Italy to learn at the shipyard Sangermani in Lavagna the craft of wooden boat builder. Initially without knowledge of Italian, he finally learned the fine art of boat building. In 1989 he founded the company Graubner.


Founding of Graupner as an individual company in Italy. Construction and repair of boats.

First major assignment: Refit of the Italian yacht for the Whitbread Round the World Race (predecessor of the Volvo Ocean Race).

Collaboration on the construction of the new fast cruiser Wallygator, designed by Luca Brenta for Luca Bassani, who later founded Wally Yachts - the world's leading superyacht manufacturer.At that time, the composite hull was revolutionary: molded cedar lamellas, carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass.The Wallygator was the first fast cruiser in the Mediterranean with a carbon fiber mast.

Participation in various regattas as a crew member of the Wallygator.

Due to the economic crisis in Italy return to Germany and specialization in the automotive industry. Further development of the company into a consulting company.

Working on environmental protection projects, development and administration of application for maintenance management at Daimler.

Environmental Leadership Award of Daimler AG for our commitment to environmental protection with the project "Continuous Pollutant Monitoring in Rainwater".

Environmental Leadership Award of Daimler AG for our commitment to environmental protection with the projects
Database system for environmentally relevant measures
Introduction of biological wastewater treatment
Introduction of a new wastewater concept at the Mercedes-Benz transmission plant Rastatt of Daimler AG

Use of the first tablets at Daimler with the Gatcos maintenance management application developed by Graubner.

Development and introduction of "Prüffexpress", the application for the standardized and paperless mobile testing of work equipment at Daimler in Gaggenau. Use of PDAs and RFID tags.

Winner of the European Auto ID Award 2008 in the category RFID.

Major project over 11 man years: Creation of risk assessments for TGA plants: 22 plant types, a total of 515 plants, 13,075 activities at a major car manufacturer.

Certified with quality label of GQA, the society for quality in occupational safety.

Project management for a major car manufacturer: Building a new gear assembly in Detroit.

Master thesis in cooperation with Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences: Development of the PrüfExpress Version 2, an iPhone app for testing work equipment.

Recertification with the GQA label quality.

Project management for a major car manufacturer: Construction of a new gear assembly in Sao Paulo, Brazil.