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References and a few examples of previous projects

Our customers comprising medium-sized companies and large-scale industry attach great importance to discretion. Our customers trust us, in most instances over many years. Therefore, not all companies are named.

For the following companies we are or have been working for years:

  • Daimler AG
  • Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG
  • Catalent Germany Eberbach GmbH
  • Sodexo
  • ago
  • GA-tec Gebäude- und Anlagentechnik GmbH
  • Lilly Pharma Fertigung und Distribution GmbH & Co.KG

Reference Projects

Hygiene inspections according to VDI 6022 in a pharmaceutical company

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In a pharmaceutical company, we regularly inspect the air conditioning
systems. Our customer receives detailed documentation for each system,
which he can also submit to the supervisory authorities if required.

Risk assessments for the workplaces and traffic routes on the roofs of an industrial company


Traffic routes and workplaces must be designed to be safe from falls -
for example by railing, catwalks, coverages, undervoltages, rope protection
or by maintaining a sufficient and marked safety distance.

According to the statistics Fatal accidents at work 2001 - 2010 of the
Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Germany
"every third accident is a crash accident (31.9%) of a building
(especially the roof) but also of various devices (scaffolding , Ladder,
means of transport, etc.). "Falls from or through the roof were responsible
for 9.4% of fatal occupational accidents. That's about 26 people per year.

67.6% of all fatal accidents were caused by violations of applicable regulations.
The preparation of risk assessments is a central requirement of the Occupational
Health and Safety Act and also of great importance for working on roof surfaces.

Risk analyzes block heating stations

For a total of 8 cogeneration units at various sites of a South German
car manufacturer, we carried out risk analyzes in 2013 on behalf of the
general contractor.
In addition, proposals for risk reduction were made.
The preparation of a risk analysis and assessment is mandatory for the
system manufacturer in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12100 in order to
document the conformity of the system components in accordance with
Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and thus to allow the issuance of a
CE mark.

Implementation of the operational safety regulation

AP002783 gasanlage

At an automotive manufacturer, we performed hazard assessments
for all hardening gas supply systems (natural gas, propane, ammonia,
carbon dioxide, nitrogen) and for oxygen and acetylene supply systems
for welding or surface finishing.